Stagecoach Theatre Arts is a highly regarded network of performing arts schools.  We have a proven record of delivering quality singing, dance and drama lessons to youngsters in Gibraltar and across the world.
We’ve seen numerous talented young Stagecoach performers enjoy careers in the performing arts industry and we’ve also had the privilege of watching thousands of kids grow in confidence and ability.
Stagecoach began in the UK in 1988 when founders Stephanie Manuel and David Sprigg launched three schools.  Their formula of teaching small classes of children an hour of dance, an hour of singing and an hour of drama every week was an instant hit.
Today we have hundreds of franchised performing arts schools at safe and convenient locations across the world.
We offer excellent children’s parties, kids’ holiday activities involving musical theatre and drama workshops, and we have our very own talent agency for young performers. 
Our goal is to inspire and enrich the lives of young people through the performing arts.  We aim to introduce them to new opportunities in a happy, safe and secure environment. 

Child Protection at Stagecoach

The protection of our children is taken very seriously at Stagecoach Theatre Arts.

We are dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for all our students and we have a proven child protection protocol in place.
All our principals, teachers and assistants are police checked to the highest level and must receive an enhanced clearance before they are allowed to work with our children.
Each school is run by a principal whose role is to supervise rather than teach, and we keep our class sizes small to ensure each student can be effectively supervised.
All our principals can also contact a dedicated child protection team which offers professional help and advice on those rare occasions that it is required. 
Stagecoach is proud to have been one of the first children’s organisations to set up a child protection protocol for our schools.