We offer so much more than singing, dancing and acting lessons at Stagecoach!  Our students also grow in self-esteem, creativity and develop great social skills.
Our fun and friendly Main Stages classes are aimed at youngsters aged from six to 18.  Classes are split by age into small groups which means we can give everyone the attention they deserve.  We run our classes during term time, out of school hours, for three hours each week.  
Students learn and enjoy a range of performance skills and styles.  The first term will focus on the skills involved in singing, dancing and acting, the second term allows students to practise and hone these skills, and the third term gives students the opportunity to showcase what they’ve learned with a performance for family and friends.
Our teachers are police checked to the highest level. They are professional, experienced in working with children and teenagers, and many have worked in the performing arts industry.

Stagecoach Drama - Acting Classes for Children & Teenagers

It always amazes us to see our students improve and transform through the power of acting.  Our drama classes help students to explore their imagination and become more creative as they work on role play, improvisation and performance texts. 

We often see an improvement in students’ communication skills, including clearer diction and a wider range of vocabulary. We also see students grow in self-esteem and become more confident in social situations.

Musical Theatre - Dancing & Singing Classes at Stagecoach

Dancing is a great way to get fit, have fun and work off some energy!  We teach a wide range of dance styles and routines including street dance, pop and musical theatre.
Students gain in self-esteem as their dance technique and co-ordination improve.  This new-found confidence very often encourages youngsters to try new sporting activities at school or in their spare time.  
Our singing classes introduce students to different rhythms and tempos.  We teach a variety of vocal techniques to help them control their vocals so it won’t be long before you notice an improvement in your child’s diction, singing range and ability.