Something quite extraordinary can happen when a child takes to the stage.

Shy children often reveal a confidence rarely seen, boisterous youngsters can amaze us with their spot-on characterisation, and it’s always a delight to see students working in harmony to give the best possible performance.

Our students love to showcase what they have learned here at Stagecoach and it’s a pleasure to be able to share this with their parents, friends and family.

On Sunday, 14th April, Stagecoach Theatre Arts, the worlds largest part-time theatre school celebrated 14 years in Spain and Gibraltar with a SHOWCASE at the Teatro Ciudad de Marbella.

Never a school to shy away from the most demanding material, Stagecoach Theatre Schools Spain and Gibraltar once again shone in a spectacular production which included excerpts from "A Chorus Line", "Mulan" and the yet-to-open stage version of "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory".

From the teenies to the teenagers, everyone had a chance to take centre stage and there were some notable performances from future stars as well as some gallant triers and real cuties. This is what makes Stagecoach different from the competitors I have had the pleasure to be in the audience of the annual showcase for five years running and there has been no repetition, no overuse of "star" performers and there are always fresh faces to spot. Stagecoach operates a no audition required policy, giving all pupils a fair chance to participate which is a great way to build the confidence of the less outgoing children and also makes for emotional impact on the audience (A.K.A. "The aah Factor").

This particular show was a lot heavier on the spoken word than usual and despite some early issues with radio microphones during which the little troupers remained totally professional, it was great to see some drama performances providing some light and shade between musical numbers. 

My particular favourites on the night had to be the gorgeous William as James of Giant Peach fame; Nell who showed outstanding dance ability as Cassie in 'A Chorus Line' and the two sets of Spice Girls, one big (ish!) and one small. I also loved the finale with the Gary Barlow smash hit 'Sing' building from a duet to a massive choir and back again. As Principal Warren Webley was welcomed on stage by his excellent teachers, everyone in the theatre cheered with genuine feeling and admiration. A great night's entertainment.

Parent Comments:
Just to say - Congratulations to you all on another brilliant show! It never ceases to amaze me how you can get so many children to perform as well as they do on the night. And apart from the sheer entertainment value of the Showcase, it's great to see how so many of the children are growing as performers year on year. You've got some real talent there. Well done to you and all the team.
Best regards
Gill & Tim

Thank you very much for welcoming the kids and giving them a chance to explore their talents (all kids are in their own different ways). Once again, congratulations on running this amazing school, a wonderful drama school. Lucky kids of Costa Del Sol!
Lucy Monje